PhD in Computer Science from the Laboratory of Computational Intelligence, which is part of the Department of Computer Science on the Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science at the University of São Paulo, Campus of São Carlos.

My research interest concerns on the use of machine learning techniques to solve classification problems in the context of multiple labels and hierarchically classified examples, image classification and object recognition. Therefore, I'm most interested (but not only) in the following areas: Bio-metrical classification, Pattern recognition, Multi-label and Hierarchical Classification, Semi-supervised Learning and Active Learning.

Regarding software development and engineering my interests are Web and JavaEE frameworks, tools and techniques.

I'm currently working as Java Software Engineer at Simbios BVBA, Brussels area.

github.com/jmetzz br.linkedin.com/in/jeanmetz/en www.facebook.com/jeanmetzz twitter.com/JMetzz